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Want to make nucs up.

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So i have 4 hives. All double deeps but one. Im wanting to make up 4 nucs, 1 from each hive. Just going to pull out 3 frames of bees and brood. Im going to add the new queens to the nucs. Id also like to over winter them in the nucs too. I have a better survival rate in nucs. I have 1 Italian and 2 carni and 1 more Saskatraz queens coming late next week and early the week after. I want or would like them built up to 5/5 or better yet 5/5/5. Question is.... is there still enough time for them to build up to my expectations.
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I would think you should have enough time. Just feed them 1:1 sugar syrup to keep them growing. Obviously the feeding and build-up would depend on the late season/fall flow/weather in your area. You would always have the ability to combine them if they do not build up enough for winter. Of course keep mites controlled so your bees are strong and healthy as they prepare the winter bees in the near future. Overall I think time is still on your side.
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