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A couple of questions about some older equipment I picked up . . .

Question 1: I don't understand the small 3/4" to 1" hole at the bottom of the baffle in the tank. Should this be plugged when in use? Seems like the junk you are trying to settle could bypass the baffles and go right into the section you are pumping from. What other purpose does it have with maybe the exception of cleaning? Should I leave it open when in use?

Question 2: Entrance/Exit holes in sides. These holes are 1 1/2". I will be using an older 1/2 HP Kelley pump (pictures in other thread active now). Should the hoses leading out be 1 1/2" to the pump or reduced down to 1"? I am assuming the upper 1 1/2" hole would be an input connection to an extractor or a spinner and should be capped if I am not using it and just dumping into the top?

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