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Walter T. Kelley Catalog 2010

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Finally some winter material to drool over ! The new catalogs are here.... They told me it would be awhile before it came out. 120 pages of pure crisp & clear pictures to look at too.
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best looking catalog I have seen from them. good pictures so I know what I am looking at.
got mine today too, along with brushy mtn, very happy beek here!
Got mine as well. Though I haven't looked at it closely yet, I did thumb thru it. Very well done from what I see. Much better then their past catalogs.
then I should get mine in the next few days. any price hikes?
Noticed some components for 8 frame hives & a lot of the prices have been up'd by a buck each.

Recently I ordered 5 honey supers with frames @ $78.00, now $79.00. I wonder if the website has been updated....
I'm jealous of you folks! I've been eagerly anticipating catalogues for two weeks now! Anyone receive a Dadant's catalogue yet?
You are sooo lucky to get all these catalogues!

Our market here is so small that nobody can afford to produce a decent catalogue and I doubt that they would send us one from the US.
I know Mr. Kelley has been dead for some time now, but when I got my catalog my first thought was "You can sure tell that there is someone new in charge." If Mr. Kelly was still in charge the catalog would look like it always has.

I like the new catalog. But it is the end of an era. I don't recall seeing these catalogs at the ABF mtng at their booth. But maybe I just missed them and they were there.
Max2, don't assume anything... Depending on how bad you want a catalogue, you might contact the various companies via the internet/email, and inquire. Inquire about any postage cost, in case they're reluctant. it might be interesting for you, just to see what's in them. Personally, I enjoy looking through catalogues 50-80 years old, even companies that no longer exist, just to see what things were like.
Received mine last week they actually sent me 4 copies :)
Received mine last week they actually sent me 4 copies :)
Send the other three to max in Australia.
Ouch, 4 copies to one residence. Sounds like some R&D needs to be done at Kelleys. These kinds of extra costs are profit killers for companies.
they actually sent me 4 copies :)
One of them must bee mine :eek:
Every household needs at least one copy for all their bathrooms. I guess that means I'm waiting for another 1.5 copies. At least it's more interesting that reading a cumbersome newspaper with bad news.
Kelley catalogue arrived today! NICE!!! But you know, I kind of miss the old format... love the new pictures. Sigh... but they didn't pay attention to my suggestion for the index... why in the world they have to divide it up by sections... You want an extractor? can't go to extractor... gotta go to the main heading, Tanks and extractors. Ok, go there.. Is extractor listed? Nope. Gotta look for Nine frame extractors or twenty frame extractors.
I know it's nit-picking, but still... And they don't sell a simple hive tool... got Hive lock, hive staples, hive straps... oh, wait! its under Kelley Hive Tool. well, they're my nits, and I'll pick them if I want. :lpf:
Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to drooling thru it tonight, and working up another order.
Got mine today. Very nice looking catalog. :thumbsup:
Kelley and ABJ came this week. Both completely saturated with water. Fanned and pulled the pages apart to dry out. Now they are about 2 inches thick and wrinkly. Makes for a funky read.
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