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I agree with Steve on the timeline (I take the same approach). For the hive that didn't have queen cells started yet (and add "-ish" to all of these dates):

March 26-29: Bees recognized they're queenless and eggs started to hatch. The workers started making emergency queens.
March 29-April 10: Development of the queen, up to queen emergence
April 11-April 17: Queen settled in and became sexually mature
April 17-April 24: Mating flights (weather dependent)
April 25: she starts laying.

Based on these timelines, for walkaway splits I check on day 5-7 to make sure there's active queen cells like you. Then the hives stay buttoned until day 30 as long as I think the weather was good for mating flights.

Your dead queen that you found could have been from the battle of the queens that happened when they emerged.
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