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VP Queen Bees Spring Yard Tour

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Hi there,
My son received a grant and wrote about beekeeping and apiculture:

His last entry included a video he made in our yards:

Titled: The Bee Series Author Creates Movie About VP Queen Bees

Hope you enjoy,

Adam Finkelstein
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Hey now thats what i call very good info. Adam your son did a awesome job and very informative i want to try one of your carni queens one day and see how they do with my cross. This year about half of my queens came out solid black and their bees are very gentle i have been pleased so far with what i have done working on my own line.

Hi folks!

The link for the video:
VP Queen Bees Spring Yard Tour is now here:

This is also the last installment of "The Bee Series" my son wrote a few years ago.

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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