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Volume Of Honey Harvest 2019

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I am trying to find out what others experience as far as a dearth (I'm in N. Ga). It seemed to me the dearth started early and the fall flow didn't happen. I saw almost no golden rod this year. As a result my planned late Sept - early Oct harvest will be next to nothing (just a backyard keeper here with 5 hives). What have you experience on this?
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I am about 40 miles east of you and the dearth is still on. The goldenrod that the bees hit is going to begin blooming in the next few weeks. I have been at this 7 seasons and only one of them produced a fall harvest. Be prepared to feed if the fall flow doesn't happen and your hives are light.
We don't get a fall flow here at all. True, there is some pollen and nectar coming in late August through September, but not enough to harvest. I start feeding in July and cut back in August to keep the bees foraging. So far, most of the hives are near winter weight and only the hives I have been stealing resources from are getting fed. Nucs are getting fed continually. Our goldenrod and astor flow will be starting soon also.
Totally different geography up here, asters and goldenrod are finishing, last of the clovers are finishing. Bees still have a bit of nectar and pollen coming in but not enough. Will start with syrup tomorrow. Put patties on today. It’s Fall here.
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