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5 days ago we had a swarm move into a deep brood box. Today I checked it and they do have a queen. She's got nice length but not real plump. I did notice she moves across the frame fast and no one is attending to her. She doesn't appear to be looking for any cells to lay in. This is not something I've ever seen before. I could not find eggs, although it's not impossible that I may have missed some (old eyes).

My thought was this might be a virgin that is not yet fully mated? Hence she's not plumped out well. The colony was very calm.

8 days prior we caught a huge swarm, then a week later another small one, then the next day yet another. I'm thinking this is an afterswarm and possibly all 3 came from the same parent colony.

also, we've had very rainy weather here lately, with little dry time, so that contributes to my guess that she's just not completely mated.
What do you think?
How long would you give her before checking again?
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