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Vintage Bee Keepers

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Through a friend of a friend I was given a ton of beekeeping supplies. I just today had a chance to look at some of this stuff and I think it is old, like from the 60's. Most of it is from the A.I. Root company, and some is from Sears & Robuck. I have 700 sheets of Wire-ply deep foundation, all in perfect condition and still in the boxes, then there are 50 sheets of shallow frame from Sears! Everything is complete with all the documentation and all.

Is there any value to this? I could mod some of it to make it work in modern equipment if it's not worth anything.
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If you acquired standard-sized supplies, there's little reason to think you're going to have to change or modify anything to fit modern frames, etc.

However, there are different sizes to some foundation (some fit solid bottom bars, some fit grooved or divided bottom bars, etc.).

Likewise, I have acquired older equipment (new in the box). I have had no problem making it work in modern stuff.

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:lpf: :lpf: :lpf: I'm loving this!!!! I bought my first equipment from Montgomery Ward's and Sears in the very early 1970's... wish I still had those Farm and Garden catalogues!!!

Wooden frames haven't changed, but as Grant mentioned, there is different foundation for different frame designs. You can use that "old" equipment just fine. It isn't old enough to be antique yet. Any catalogues or books you ought to save, if you're going to keep bees...some of the guidance in them is still valuable.

And who knows, you may decide to start collecting bee stuff from earlier in the 20th century. My point is, just because it's old, doesn't mean it's useless... keep it all, you may never know when you'll find a good use for it.

Man I feel old right now.... thank you for giving me a chuckle.
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