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Video of bees cooling off about 6:44PM July 24, 2010

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This video was taken about 6:44PM on July, 24, 2010. This is one of my 3 foot top bar hives. The hive is completely full of bees and comb. The last 5 bars are full of honey about 50% capped. Plan is to harvest some of this next weekend if capped honey percentage is high enough.

I apologize for the sun spots in the video. I walked away after placing the camera in front of the hive and didn't notice the sun. Video is 7:07 minutes long. Just bees hanging about to cool off.
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I will be checking to see if they have built any comb under the hive this weekend.
No comb on the underside of the hive. I did get 2 quarts of honey off this hive Saturday.
Nice video. Checked out some of your others as well.
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