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Strewth - that video is only 2 days old ...

Somebody's got their finger on the pulse. :)
Who needs TV now days?
Youtube is my TV - and I get to choose what to watch (propaganda-free).
So much to see and learn, so little time!

when you subscribe to a channel, they normally ping you with new episode releases;
OR I just scan my subscriptions for the latest and greatest OR review some oldies.

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Mutts and carniolans.
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Need videos in English. Subtitles does not work for me.
Works for me in a 4 year old version of Firefox.

First turn on captions via the CC button. Then click the settings 'gear' then the ">" then select "Auto Translate" then scroll down and select English. (Or what ever...) At this point (for me) it jumps to the top of the page if embedded in a Beesource page and I have to scroll back to the video. Behaves normal if watching directly on Youtube.

Translations are not 100% correct and sometimes a bit humorous in their failure. If you know anything about beekeeping you should get the gist...

Now if someone could post step by step directions for finding the time to watch all the videos! ;)
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