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I have a problem that i have never encountered before and need help and advice. Strange series of events.

1) 3/30 hived a new package in a new Apiary with 5 other hives to start.
2) Everything went fine through 5/28. Three medium 10 frame boxes full of eggs, brood, etc.
3) 6/11 saw no eggs, plenty of bees 4 boxes full and the screened bottom board, underneath was 3 inches thick with bees. Did an inspection and did see a virgin queen inside but like a dummy didn't catch her.
4) 6/12, did another inspection to find virgin, get rid of her and replace bees underneath back inside hive, hoping the original queen had gotten there during an inspection. Added two frames brood with about 30 new eggs just to see if they built cells.
5) 6/28 no eggs again, 2 frames with a few eggs had 15 cells on them. Noted to get a mated queen just in case and ordered that day.
6) 6/24 with mated marked AI queen in hand, just in case, did another total inspection. No eggs, with magnifiers and light on, all the cells were torn out the side. Went through the entire hive, top to bottom twice, saw no eggs, no queen, no virgin. Decided to test the queen in the cage and she was classically and quickly accepted so I left it in the hive with a full tube of fondant to give her several days before released.
6/30 inspection, queen released, cage clean. No eggs, no queen of any kind.

Have another queen ready but thought I would get some advice first. Dont want to waste her again but dont want to jepordise this hive. Any suggestions?
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