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Varsity Level Robbing

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I have had severe robbing of 4 nucs and extending to one moderately strong hive (has 2 deeps, and drawing 1 medium). First, I reduced entrances; removed feeders (which were all internal-- frame, pale, etc.); then closed off entrances completely and moved offended hives across my 10 acre property.

One nuc and the 2 deep hive were still covered with bees trying to get in 2 days later. 2 nucs had settled down.

Last night I covered the nuc and the hive that had attempted robbers with wet sheets. This evening these were covered with bees that had gotten under the sheet and still there at 9 pm! Again these hives are completely closed off with hardware cloth. I smoked them off, rewet the sheets, and tucked corners in tightly around hives so bees couldn't get in.

Please help. Anything else you recommend besides moving more distance?
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1) close off the hives that are being robbed with screen wire. Completely. Until all the robbers go home.
2) take the lids off of the strong hives to make them defend themselves (they will Nasonov and for a while everyone will stay home)
3) open up the screen so only one bee at a time can come and go. Not more then 3/8" diameter hole (using a dowel with a point or a drill bit will get you an accurate sized hole). The screen acts somewhat like a robber screen but you can also make a robber screen. I would still have it down to one 3/8" hole.
4) if you are feeding the ones being robbed, stop. Feeding is likely the root cause.
5) reduce the entrances on the strong hives to cut down on traffic so they can't rob so easily.
6) feed the strong hives and don't let them run out
7) if the weak hives need food, steal capped honey from the strong hives for them.
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