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Varroa count

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I don't think I'd be the first to post this question, so I'd not be offended if I were redirected to another post that I could not locate...

I pulled 55 purple/blue eyed drone larvae from a frame today and found 15 varroa mite. I'm trying to determine where this places me on a threshold?
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That is pretty high. Another way is to fill a small jar, like a jelly jar half full of bees and top it off with powdered sugar. Roll it around gently and dump it out on a flat surface like the hive cover. The bees will fly off and you can count the mites. Florida IPM says anything over 16 is bad. Commercial beekeepers in Florida say over 10 mites is bad.
10-4 thank you!
If I'm not mistaken over 3% on drone brood is considered high.
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Just gor reference from my work experiences...
3-5 mites on a drone brood shake out usually gets an alcahol roll. Usually higher numbers on the rolls. Did 12 myself learning to do rolls, all came out 10+, tops was 27.

Apivar went in our CF hives 2 weeks ago. Drawing straws to see who goes to NY state to do them. Yes we treated in spring.

Seems like this year, if you "think" you have mite issues, you should be treating instead of spending time thinking.

FL Beak, you have a need. Bleach your frames!!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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