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I received the following email from the new york inspector yesterday. I tried to order apigard from dadant this morning and was told that there label has expired and apigard can't be sold at this time, they did have mite-wayII in stock. does seem the government is trying to make things a little harder, luckily I have enough apigard to do my spring mite treatment.


This is the email I got from a member of the Apiary Inspectors of America, Jerry Hayes my counterpart in Florida. Instead of rewriting this I decided to send the original message that was sent to us.

Paul Cappy

-----Original Message-----
From: Hayes, Jerry [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, March 15, 2010 9:06 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: [AIA_L] FW: Update on Mite-Away Quick StripT Registration in theUnited States


From: Liz Corbett [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Friday, March 12, 2010 3:36 PM
To: Hayes, Jerry
Subject: Update on Mite-Away Quick StripT Registration in the United States

Hi Jerry:

Here’s a news release that will be published in Bee Culture and ABJ, but not till May. You may be interested in forwarding it to your email list as you did the last one.


Liz Corbett

Update on Mite-Away Quick Strip™ Registration in the United States

Press release from NOD Apiary Products.

Mite-Away Quick Strip™ (MAQS ) is currently registered in the State of Hawaii, under a Special Local Needs registration, granted to protect Hawaii’s queen rearing and organic honey industry. Varroa was first discovered in Hawaii in June, 2007.

In January, California State Beekeepers Association applied for a Section 18 emergency registration for California. In response, the EPA stated that there “has to be a lack of viable alternatives”, and there has to be the occurrence of a “non-routine event”, in order to allow a Section 18 registration. As well, there is already a Section 18 in place, for Hivastan®, for States to draw upon. The current varroa toolbox includes Apiguard®, Apilife Var®, Apistan®, Hivastan®, Check-Mite+®, Mite-AwayII™, and the EPA even talked about the illegal use of Amitraz. The EPA did not see the need for another emergency registration.

Immediately, NOD will be pursuing a Section 3 (full federal) registration for MAQS, hoping that this will be expedited. EPA has indicated Section 3 applications for biopesticides, such as MAQS, are to be fast tracked.


NOD Apiary Products will continue to support beekeeping industry initiatives as it strives to obtain the legal use of Mite-Away Quick Strips™ prior to the Section 3 registration being granted, likely in 2011.

Please note that only limited quantities of Mite-AwayII™ are available. Production of Mite-AwayII™ was discontinued in order to gear up for MAQS production. NOD is not planning on resuming Mite-AwayII™ production as we transition our registration into the MAQS product.

David VanderDussen

Liz Corbett

NOD Apiary Products


Fax: 613-398-0495

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I kind of wanted to try the quick strips on a few hives b/4 using them on all my hives(if they become available) to make sure they work, we seem to have a different climate here compared to Hawaii!! anyone know if they are being offered for sale in Canada??
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