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I was just talking to the beekeeper that originally asked me to think about SHB treatments. The notion of zapping small hive beetles within the inner cover as well as at a robber screen came out of his request, as discussed in my earlier post, "Zapping Small Hive Beetles." As the two of us this evening discussed the prospective merits of an electrified robber screen versus electrified inner cover, he felt that an electrified inner cover has much greater potential value than an electrified robber screen.

He said that he does not like to leave robber screens on a strong hive, because it causes them to be more likely to split. By contrast, the possibility of treating the SHB within the hive without messing with oil or other substances was appealing.

I have been working on both items in parallel and getting bogged down by the sheer number of details to work through. I am now wondering if perhaps I should just focus on the inner cover and try to get it perfected as quickly as possible and then later do the robber screen as a follow-up project? Or possibly focus on the robber screen and forget the inner cover for the time being (keep as many SHB out of the hive as possible to begin with, then let the bees take care of those that do get in?) Or, are both potentially important enough that I should work through the issues in parallel?

For those who have a potential/possible interest in this treatment option, is there any feeling one way or the other about the relative merits of an electrified inner cover versus electrified robber screen? My decision on how to proceed could well be based on any comments that are given. Thanks in advance.

Tim Stout
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