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How long would you wait to inspect that hive to see if they tore down the queen cells and hopefully did so because they brought a queen with them.
Spur9- Sounds like an interesting sequence of events... I've had a few of these myself lately.

To make sure I understand your question correctly, you are wondering whether the swarm which took up residence in your queenless colony contained a queen?

And if so, when should you check the swarm cell you supplied them to see if it is torn down?

If I have all that correct, the only other thing I would wonder is how long has it been since you added the queen cell?

Regardless, and assuming it has been 48 hours since the swarm pushed their way in I would expect a quick peek might be in order, particularly if you've seen some pollen coming in.

Hopefully some of the more experienced hands around here will offer some other thoughts if I am in any way off-base.

1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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