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<Do you have frames or just boxes? If you're concerned I'd scorch the inside of the boxes and call that good. Frames, I would probably just use them, but if you're the nervous type, just burn them.>

I have all the frames too. 1 brood box and 5 med supers worth, grooved top and bottom. All the boxes have metal slides for frame ends and metal guards on frame tops. The frames seem to clean up real well so far. I think that I'll give them a try.
Now assuming that I get them ready soon, can I still put 1 or 2 frames of brood and a couple of honey in this late in the season and expect them to make a new queen and be ready to over-winter, or am I dreaming. And should I locate them near my other two hives or some distance away (200' or so) just to be safe...
Thanks again for all your advice!
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