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Using 9-frame spacers on frames already capped

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I'm a first-year beekeeper. My bees have drawn out all of the comb in one of my honey supers, started bringing in nectar and there are several frames that are 1/2 capped. Can I still put in 9-frame spacers or am I too late given that some of the honey is already capped? Thanks for your input.
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No, you can still put them in. If you had 10 frames to start with you will have to take one frame and harvest it or put on another box and move the extra frame up. Sounds like you need another super no matter what.
Unless its too late, do not buy 9 frame spacers to nail into your super. Too expensive over the long run, and eliminates flexibility. instead, buy the 9 frame spacing tool that you push over the 9 frames to space them. Then use it on the next super. One tool, one price, multiple uses. :)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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