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We are already well into planning next year’s schedule. There are stacks of hives cut, bees and queens ordered and other supplies coming in or ready to order.
If you are able to help in any way next year or have suggestions for the classes, please get them in quickly. We can always use help checking people in, passing out handouts and hive kits, etc. This year we will split into groups for inspections (practicals) with experience in each group.
If you would like to present a topic, the first few should be no longer than a few minutes, ten minutes at the most. If you are not comfortable with questions, we can hold questions to the end. If you really want to learn, research a topic, take questions at the end of your topic. As you see and probably remember, the first of the year is hectic with so much just to get a hive so there is limited time per topic.
The format will be nearly identical with an in depth instruction in the afternoon following the practical. We are expanding the instruction to someday support a regular college course of study. Next year will be the prelude to develop the curriculum to the appropriate level and still entertain people just interested in learning the fundamentals.
For those desiring in depth study, after the practical hive work, there will be advanced topics, quizzes starting the second class and requirements typical of freshman science. The new format should increase your understanding and depth of knowledge as well as sharing your new adventure with others. Thank you for all your interest and help this past year, now it is time to share bees with others!
Draft schedule - - - -
What do bees bring to the table? (pollination)
Bee Friendly Garden (flowers, seasonal, diversity, native, be nice!)
Bee stings (difference, treatment, reactions)
Beekeeper mentoring program (What we offer)
What is a beehive? (where, size, comb, castes)
Beekeeping equipment and tools (hive, supers, frames, smoker, hive tools, veil)
Dress for success (veil, perfumes, swatting, do not trap bees in clothing)
Florida registration and inspection (how, who, when, why)
Beekeeper’s options (What can they get)
Honeybee biology (queen, drone, worker, egg, larvae, pupa, EHB, AHB)
Beehive inspection ( how, why, how often)
Building beehives (hammers, wood glue, hive kits)
Swarms, splits and package bees (bring hive ready to fill with bees)
Diseases (AFB, EFB, chalkbrood, sacbrood, Nosema)
Pests (wax moth, small hive beetles, bears, skunks)
Parasites (Varroa mites, tracheal mites)
Florida Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and Best Management Practices (BMP) (determining DPP thresholds and level of treatment)
Queens and requeening
Products of the hive (beeswax, comb, propolis, pollen, honey)
Honey extraction
Fall management (feeding, splits, IPM)
Winter management ( feeding, entrance reducer, ventilation, crowd supers)
Spring management (requeen, room for nectar flow, swarm control)

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USF Bee Workshops in 2011 will be on the third Saturday of every month, except March. March is a hive building class. The class will be two identical sessions on the first and last Saturday of March. The Bee College and Master Beekeeper programs are in St. Augustine the second week of March and a queen rearing course the third week of March in Monticello. There are less than nine seats left for queen rearing. I am teaching a couple blocks in St. Augustine on AHB. USF Bee Workshops are filling fast so let the USFBG staff know as soon as possible. Thank you.

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Thank you so much for these great workshops! I've been able to attend 11 of this year's 12 weekend sessions at USF and every single workshop has been inspiring, informative and exceeded my expectations. My thanks to you and the girls!
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