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used frames and bodies

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Is it ok for me to buy used frames and boxed. Is there any threat of disease or problems associated with them?

What will i need to do to ensure that they are not going to affect my new bees?
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Yes, there is the threat of disease. It is generally suggested to start off with new equipment.
I put frames, tops and boxes in my large deep freezer for a few days. I only have three hives and a nuc after two years, but enough components to rotate if I want to. Especially if there is a pest problem.
This kind of depends on who you got your equipment from and why did he get out of the biz.
I passed sue to no info being provided from guy selling stuff, as owner had died and familly sold him the properties. Looked like the guy was into a good sized commercial set up. with nucs, refined wax and many more items in 2 barns. All of the foundation were rotted it just left a question mark in my mind.

Not how I wanted to start! thanks for the info everyone.
I bought a bunch of used equipment myself. It was in good condition, but I took a steel brush and a drill and ground it down to the wood. After that I washed it in 10% bleach and water solution (suggested by a seasoned bee keeper). I hope this works. Anyone have any input on this?
It all depends on what kind of beekeeper you are.

Are you going to manage your hives, or do you expect them to manage themselves?

If you are just going to put bees in some equipment, and plan on letting them do their thing until you can steal honey, then used equipment is a recipe for disaster. If the equipment has a disease, and you don't catch it in the early stages, it will become a royal pain in the more advanced stages.

If you will monitor your equipment, and fix any issue before it becomes a problem, I would say to get the used equipment.
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