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Upper entrance clogged bottom screen

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Anyone else seen screen cloged with dead.
I changed to upper entrance this spring, closed lower entrance with wood cut to fit. I have had about two weeks of mega bearding. Was checking this am and looked at my SBB and there was a lot of dead bee parts hanging through the screen. I opened the lower entrance to find a "wall" of dead bees and bees parts. Used a twig to scrape out some of the debres, going to let the house keepers do the rest now that I have reopened lower entrance. I am thinking that some of my or most of my ventalation was stopped due to the amount of dead on the screen. Hive seems healthy other wise.
I have shimes under the cover to create upper intrance. And using 8 frame mediums.
Should I be able to see through the lower entrance to the back of the hive?
Should there be "space" between bottom of frame and screen?
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