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Unusual behavior...

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First off let me say I'm new to beekeeping. I live in eastern Pa. and our temperatures have been erratic....some nights down to 50 and some days in the mid 90s... I have one hive that I've been tending for 3 years now. Last year I re-queened but this year I did not. Two weeks ago they swarmed. Unfortunately they were too high for me to retrieve and quite honestly even if they were lower I don't think I would have had time to capture them as they on collected for a few minutes and then took off... The Ball was roughly the size of a basketball... The hive currently has two deeps and three med. supers. I recently harvested about 50-75 pounds of honey from the three mediums...Just before they swarmed as a matter of fact....So here is my dilema...After the swarm i noticed a goo deal of bearding going on... I made sure the venelation was good...I have a sbb and I drilled holes in a large empty super which i blocked with screening and placed on top...Still they bearded....Now the bearding has stopped but there are still ablout 50-100 bees that are always standing on the landing board...They dont seem to be in bearding mode. They seem to be guarding or something...Many stand on their hind legs almost sniffing the air...As the landing bees approach they let them by after a quick inspection...I've never seen so many on the landing board at once....This behavior has been going on since the swarm... I wasn't sure an inspection would be wise given they just swarmed but i guess finding out whether or not there is a queen present would be prudent....They seem to be coming and going at an alarming rate....Doesn't feel like robbing to me....Bees coming are slow and easy and bees going are walking out and taking off seemingly unladen....Its the bees on the landing board that have me worried that either they will swarm again or the hive is queenless...They are there every morning until the sun sets.... So i guess my question is ...Has any one else seen this behavior before?? Is there something i should do with the entrance that might help.....I've tried removing the reducer entierly and also blocking half the entrance...behavior remained the same...

Any thoughts would be appreciated
Thanks Marc:s
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Go into the hive and check the brood boxes. See if the queen has room to lay or if the brood frames are blocked out with honey. If blocked out, open up the brood boxes by moving honey filled frames up or out, and drawn, empty frames or foundation in. Don't worry about the bees outside.
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