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Unexpected Source of Late Season Pollen

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I discovered an unexpected source of late season pollen for my bees in poppies. Here's a video that shows what I found:

After almost everything else has dried up, including Goldenrod and Japanese Knotweed, these poppies continue to bloom and provide what seems to be an abundant source of pollen for my bees. I hope to plant a field of them next year.

I'm curious what other sources of late season pollen people of noticing in their area, whether a native species or not.

The poppy isn't a native species where I live (on the east coast of the island of Newfoundland). The specific variant is called the Ziar Breadseed Poppy.


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Interesting, my poppies were pretty much done before August, but next year, I’ll sow some in early summer to see if I can get them to bloom in fall. Weather permitting, my bees collect ivy pollen (lots of English ivy - infested woodlands nearby) until mid-late November, not much during December, then in early-mid January, begin collecting hazelnut pollen.
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