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Undisciplined Bees.

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So I went out to pull the last feed bag out of the hive yesterday, (4 weeks of feed should be enough this time of year in Texas ?) and to see what kind of mess the girls made of their home.
While the burr comb had not substantially grown in a week it was now almost filled completely with honey.
After contemplating the future of the hive for a minute or two and checking the progress on the frames( a little slow but, brood production in place, all systems go) I decided in a fit of OCD to clean up as much of the burr as prudent get some frames in their and have the ladies clean up their act.
All went well, the bees didn't seem to mind a bit. Left the most precious comb in there and got 8 out of 10 frames in and closed it up. It's their baby now.
So here's the question. Barring a major prolonged drought, I figure I'm going to have to add another super in a month maybe two.
Shallow? Deep? Queen excluder or should I just expand the colony and let them have at it till next year? We've got 6 to 7 months before the possibility of a frost.
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"4 weeks of feed should be enough this time of year in Texas ?)" they'll tell you when its enough -they wont take anymore. add another deep. put the burr on top of your inner cover, an empty box on for a spacer, and the top. they'll clean up all the comb without starting robbing. good luck,mike
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