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Undertaker Bees - how far?

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Today the temps got up around 50F, and my hives were busy. I was watching one of the hives, and multiple times, saw undertaker bees bringing out the dead. I knew they did that, so it wasn't a surprise. But what I did find striking is that instead of just dumping the body off the edge of the porch, she took off with the body and flew quite a ways. I have my hives in my back yard, and she flew over the neighbor's house with the body before I lost sight of her. I was sure she still had her payload as it made her a lot larger in size, and it was easy to follow the path.

How far will bees fly with the dead bodies before jettisoning them? I was also surprised she could heft the weight.

You learn something new every day!
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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