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Uncover for spring

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Newby ?
When can i take off the wraps around my hives ,im worried about condensation/humidity when it gets warm in the day and goes down to -3 c at night

any advise is appreciated egbert
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I found this happy little paper, written by George Brezina in Western Quebec, which is close enough to us that I think it applies nicely:

* When to remove the winter packing?

The hive protection is more important in spring than in winter. A cold spell will chill the brood and set the hive back. In our climate wait till the middle of May or later - not before the tomatoes are planted out.

Our traditional spring gardening weekend is the May 24 weekend. That's my target, give or take. This is my second year keeping bees, and my first with over-wintered hives. My date is based solely on the above paper, not experience. Perhaps someone local with more experience will chime in as well.

Regarding the condensation, what is your hive setup? Do you have insulation on your inner cover? Do you have good ventilation?

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