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Uncapping knife(adjustable setting or not)

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If a set temperature electric knife works well for uncapping frames, why do they sell an adjustable temperature model and then usually charge $20 more? Thanks, juzzer
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My knife is adjustable and I have it set on the lowest possible setting, anything higher boils any honey that comes in contact with it, I would have no qualms with a non adjustable knife but if it was set to boil the honey I would be disappointed for sure. The safe bet is to by an adjustable one and set it where you like.
Buy the adjustable one. You can set it a tad higher while you are uncapping, because, the wax will cool the knife. When you stop to load your extractor, or, draw honey from extractor to filters, you need to dial it down a little to keep it from scorching the honey.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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