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Ultrabreeze Suit Question

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OK, I admit it: I'm a guy and I have no idea how to wash clothes. Do I need to find a DCA Chapter (Domestic Chores Anonymous)? Seriously -- my Ultrabreeze is just over a year old - and performing wonderfully; it is, however, getting dirty and I have no idea how to wash it. Throw it in the machine? Soak it in the bathtub? What detergent to use? What amount? If anyone has experience with this, I'd appreciate the help! :s:eek::s
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I don't remember the instructions, but they should be on the back of the label that in the suit collar area.
That's where I found mine...actually, that's where Magnet Man told me to find them. :)

Never thought to look --- man, do I have a lot to learn!
I washed mine the other day for the first time; used regular detergent (All Free & Clear) and set the machine on delicate. I hung it on the clothes line to dry. If your machine has a delicate/hand wash cycle you should be OK.
Did you leave the hood zipped on, or did you remove it and wash only the suit?
Remove the zip hood before washing and hand wash that in the sink. My wife won't let me near the washer after I screwed up some her clothes. Good luck
I left the hood zipped on, and zipped up the rest of the zippers also.
Thanks to all -- suit is washed (hood on) and is hanging/draped over all four lines of the clothesline.....looks like a new suit!
The instructions specifically say to "Lay the suit flat" while drying. Hanging does not qualify....
The instructions specifically say to "Lay the suit flat" while drying. Hanging does not qualify....
My apologies for being unclear.....I actually laid the suit across the 4 lines on the clothesline; it was not hung vertically. "hanging/draped" may not have been the best phrase to describe the arrangement.
Official washing instructions:
Cold gentle lay flat to dry. Hand wash hood.

Cold washing will remove body oder, warm and hot will remove propolis. Do not machine wash the hoods. Do not use use any solvent to remove propolis. You will damage the middle layer!. Remember this is beekeeping apparel and not wedding apparel. If you want to wear a beekeeping suit to a wedding I will rent you a new one.;)

Drying: I usually dry on strong plastic hanger and will usually dry with in the hour. Can you put it in the dryer? I have with nothing else on gentle and for 5 minutes. Stand by the dryer. Remember the middle layer is PVC
I've got a 3X jacket on order, it must be delayed for some reason a couple weeks, have been using my veil and long sleeve shirt but I'll be needing it pretty soon when I get in deep for some serious frame/super moving etc.

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