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My bees seem to be dying at a seemingly rapid pace. I have 2 hives one of which I opened last week to find about half the bees gone, dead im assuming. In this same hive I noticed a couple of frames with the yellow streaks on them but nothing on the outside of the box or anything that looked to bad. I did see the queen near a small patch of capped brood and larve. I have also noticed a number of dead bees at the entrance this winter. They have a full 8 frames of capped honey in a medium 10 frame super and the bottom is a deep with some capped honey and lots of pollen.

Hive 2 I still cannot tell that the population has dwindled any and they are set up about the same on the honey and pollen situation. However today I went out to check the entrances and there was hundreds of dead bees around this hive entance. I checked this hive last week also and noticed no signs of any problems.

We have been having some freezing nights here in south east texas could this be from that or do I have a Nosema outbreak and if I do is there any thing I can do about now or if the hive lives will it clear up when there is more to forage on?

This is only my second winter with bees so it is pretty much all new to me. Also we did not get near this cold last winter at any time.
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