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uggggg one of those days.... 3 hives in overwhelming

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Hi all just got done with a 4 hour marathon of going through my 17 hives east of Saratoga ny.. all came through winter and we are just getting dandelions popping up. I went to reverse today and super. Well every single hive had swarm cells. I run mostly 2d 1m some times 3d and 1 med or 2d and 2 medium. I took out every frame shook and crushed the cells. Reversed and then added supers. I run no excluders. Just super frustrated I obviously missed the reversing window.. they deff had fresh nectar and alot of pollen.. keeping there fingers crossed this diverts even some of them. I don't have the resources to split everything up.. Definatly started thinking 3 hives inwhy do I like doing this so much again??
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Definatly started thinking 3 hives inwhy do I like doing this so much again??
I think we can all identify with this sentiment at times... From the outside looking in, I see the bright side- at least you are struggling with containing your hives rather than trying to keep your yard afloat.

Best of luck to you with your swarm management efforts.

I'm near New Paltz and also had capped queen cells a week ago. I think it was swarm preparations. Next year I need to remember to start swarm prevention before April. By then it's too late -- the plan is in motion.
I have tried to follow the MP play book on when to do the reverse but feel we must be getting swarmy 2 or 3 weeks sooner than him. Pretty bummed out about them all wanting to swarm. I deliberately didn't fall winter or spring feed as last year was a battle because of spring protein. Hoping the new space for nectar will dissuade atleast some of them. Good news is all the drone bur comb was mite free that I saw..
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