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Two weeks post swarm - lots of queen cells, bees acting normal

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many queen cells hanging on the bottom of frames in the swarmed 'source' hive. In fact when I removed a frame a few queen cells that had attached to the tops of the box below frames ripped in half showing/killing a queen in the making.

I cannot find a queen in this hive - then again I'm really bad at finding them anyway - sort of given up. With so many queen cells should I think that the hive has NO queen and one of these will become queen?

Should I remove these cells?

Your thoughts appreciated.

BTW - the new swarm hive (I was able to capture it) is going gangbusters. I put the 2nd medium on and this hive is packed with bees and extremely active.
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do a search on BeeSource for secondary swarms.
Sometimes they swarm again and again leaving the hive weak and 'swarmed out'.
I either use the Qcells elsewhere for increase or destroy all but a couple.
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