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For any of you two-way pallet operators that overwinter outdoors:

Do you have a favorite winter wrap setup? We can get quite cold, harsh winters and have normally wintered individually wrapped doubles with telescoping lids.

Our hives are now palletized singles on half-pallets (side by side in pairs with migratory lids). "U" style clips used so the hives are tight to each other. Upper entrances are a must here with the moisture build up and we want to cover the whole hive but leave access to the upper entrance if possible (upper entrances not shown in the pic). We would like to keep the migratory lids as opposed to wintering with telescoping style, as these telescoping will not fit side by side with the lid overhang as you can see in the attached photo.

The closest option I can find is a 4-way pallet cover with upper entrances. I suppose we could set up the two-ways back to back and utilize this style..?

We are hoping to transition to a basic indoor wintering facility, but that won't be ready for this upcoming season. So, wondering what others have come up with and prefer!

Two Way Example.jpg
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