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Well, I hived two packages on the 22nd of last month and lets call them Alpha and Bravo. It originally appeared that some had drifted to Bravo making it the slightly stronger of the two.
After a couple of weeks Alpha had 7 drawn frames and Bravo had 6 drawn, so I waited another week(until today) to let them fill out some more.

I opened Alpha to find that 8 of the 10 frames were drawn out and of those, 6 contained brood. Really nice patterns and very few drone cells. There was one empty queen cup and I pinched it after finding my queen happily laying away. So I replaced their syrup bag and added another brood box. Smiles all around and on to Bravo.

I opened Bravo to find that it was still at 6 of the 10 frames drawn. There were few larva to be seen and the brood pattern was "off". I notice one empty queen cup at the bottom of a frame and 3 queen cells near the top of another. At first I wasn't certain if thats what they were because they didn't really stick out much. They were pretty flush with hte rest of the comb, but they had the texture of peanut shells. Anyway, I notice that one was empty and the other two were in the process of hatching as I was holding them. I immediately began looking for my marked queen(a mentor came over and marked both of my queens while I was out of town on business). She was nowhere to be found and just as I realized this, I spotted an unmarked queen(I'm assuming she came from the empty queen cell I found). I didn't hear any piping , but am certain there's going to be a showdown shortly.
I didn't add a box but did give them fresh syrup and closed it up. I've been told to wait two weeks before going back in this hive except to feed them.

I'm very excited to see how this plays out and am curioius as to why they superceeded her. Could she have been damaged when she was marked? Perhaps they don't like the color on her? Perhaps they felt something was off because I've scraped off comb on three occasions they built over the feeder and put newspaper in the void?

My mentor also mentioned that cups are quite common and to ignore those. It's all madness.....pure madness I tell you!!:eek:

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.
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