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I recently built a resource hive which I am planning on using to raise replacement queens, make brood/resources to transfer to other hives, and to over-winter some smaller colonies as a hedge against winter losses. Just to clarify, by "resource hive" I mean the type of hive where you split a deep into two compartments so that you can house two hives, and have half-with boxes for supers. I have 2 questions about these hives:

  1. At the moment I have only one colony to move into the resource hive - a swarm that I captured which is currently in a swarm trap. I doubt that their will be time to make a split to fill the other side, meaning I'll likely only have 1 colony in the resource hive over the winter. What should I do with the empty side? Fill it with hay or another insulator? Leave it empty and sealed against wind? Something else?
  2. The swarm has a modest varroa infestation which I plan on treating in 2 or 3 weeks with MAQS (along with all of my other hives). Assuming that I have the super on the resource hive (e.g. 8 frames total in the hive) is it safe to use a full/"knockout" dose, or should I only use a half/"knockdown" dose? I've done a full doe on a 10-frame hive before with success, but I'm not sure if the slightly smaller area now makes this too high a dose. Would another option be to sequentially treat with two half-doses?


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