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I am a returning hobbyist after a 6 year break. This is my second year back and have 8 hives

First question:

I have a strong hive, with two 10 frame deep brood chambers, then a 10 frame medium with brood and honey (with the queen today), then a queen excluder (QX) and finally a second medium with capped brood and honey. Have had the QX in for 10 days. I want to put the top medium with capped brood and honey on top of another strong colony and then when I can catch my very fast queen put here below a QX into the two deep brood chambers where she

My question concerns combining the medium above a QX with a new hive. Looks like three options: 1) Take medium with all its bees from its current location, put above QX in new hive and don't look back. 2) Shake off all bees from medium into current hive and then move to new hive above QX. 3) Move medium with all its bees to to new hive above QX that is above newspaper.

Second Question:

I have been having terrible luck grafting queens this spring and ended up with a queenless (for about 6 days now) 5 frame nuc cell starter and no queens or queen cells for it. The nuc has lots of bees, a frame of capped brood, a frame of capped brood honey and pollen and a frame of pollen with some honey. Best way to combine this with existing single 10 frame deep hive of moderate strength? Options 1) Put on top of queenright hive and don't look back. 2) Newspaper combine?

Thanks for any and all suggestions.
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