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Go a call from family concerning a large swarm entering the the wall of a two story garage about 20 ft up. As crazy as this sounds another swarm arrived on the scene while I was talking to the owner on the phone. This second swarm entered the wall 10 ft away, but at the same elevation.

We're headed down tomorrow around noon to extract them. Taking off the T-11 siding will be easy (it was recently taken off and the family was planning on removing it in a few weeks anyway). But 20 ft up won't my my job any easier. The two cutouts I've done have been at or near ground level.

Have any of you tried that trick of putting a frame of open brood up next to a swarm? (How-To-Do-It, Richard Taylor, #48, pg. 66) In this case they are obviously a recently arrived colony as they claimed their new home 7 hours ago.
Does it work on a group of bees that recently claimed a home, but don't have any brood or comb built yet? If so, could I just put the frame on a pole and put it up next to the cluster after getting the siding off, or should I put it in in a brood box and raise the box up to contact the cluster at the point they would normally be entering the wall?

Or is it better to just scoop them out of the cavity and dump them into the box with the brood frame as with a swarm?

I do have a very nice and gentle bee vac (that I built), but they are sort of still a swarm in form (as in they are still just a bunch of bees hanging inside the wall instead of outside of it). As the queen is still in flying form and they have no brood to hold them there, I can just see them flying off as I slowly suck them up.

Thanks in advance,

p.s. 10 seconds after I hung up with this lady, I recieved another swarm call form a lady 5 minutes away. Also, a beek friend captured 3 swarms today. If you leave in Western Washington, get ready!
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