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Tune into Shark Tank now!

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Looks like there will be a young Beekeeper on there. ABC
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Looks like there will be a young Beekeeper on there. ABC
'Set to record. Any details?
He hasn't come on yet. They are doing young entrepreneurs tonight and I saw a kid holding a frame of bees. I'll fill in what it is.
The big apiary near me does honey mixed with ghost peppers and also one with cinnamon. not my cup of tea but maybe it would be more marketable in bulk to restaurants for marinades etc
Guess it didn't actually work out. The episode was from earlier this year.
Yeah, he turned the deal down. He thought 75% was too much to sell. He's still in business. Moved it to Burlington, WA. I work for the USPS and we pick up many packages daily of his infused honey for shipment. He's in negotiations with Costco last I heard.
Thanks for that update. RS. Seems like a really good kid. I bet he does well.
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