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I read an article not to long back that was talking about different hive styles and it talked about the lang and the TBH and the Warre hive and then it mentioned about this other hive that looks somewhat like an asian style hive thats somewhat hex or octigon...The person who engineered this new hive design was from up north, New york i believe! I know this isnt much info but i been thinking about the name of that hive for several days now and i cant remember it if my life depended on it. They say its very elaberate design and to me it looked very architechicial. It was a really nice looking hive and i was just wondering what the name of the hive since i cant remember it. I been trying to look all over the website trying to find it again but with no success. Thanks for any or all your help and if you have a link or site address that would be great!!!
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