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Trying to find old thread on checkborading for second year beekeepers

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I am trying to find a thread I read a year or two ago about checkerboarding. If I remember correctly a second year beekeeper asked the question what he can do to stop swarming and getting enough drawn comb to try checkerboarding the following year. Walt (I believe through his son-in-law) chimed in and suggested an experiment. Basically wait for the hive to start swarm preps, than reverse the two deeps and add a super of all foundation between the two deeps and one above the two deeps. Walt speculated that the reversal would kick the hive out of their swarming inclinations and the presence of foundation only frames in the former center of the brood nest might get them kick-started on drawing those out.

I was reminded of that thread and that idea when a second year beekeeper friend and I discussed his options for swarm prevention this year. He basically has two deeps with 20 nicely drawn frames and his overwintered hive looks strong and healthy. Has anybody tried this method that Walt speculated on? Does anybody remember this thread and where I can find it? I searched for the likely keywords but there are a LOT of threads with checkerboarding to go through.
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Here is a link to all of Walt's articles. At least one of them talks about checkerboarding.
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