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We are in located in Michigan, and we are looking to acquire a semi load of bees off almonds. We are looking to build a relationship with a commercial beekeeper in the South (any state capable of doing splits in mid-March). We would like to have the load of bees sent to your location where we can do splits and convert to nucs for shipping to Michigan near the end of April. We can supply additional Deeps, tops, bottoms, hive pallets, frames with foundation, and nucs as needed. Our relationship will include but not subject to as follows.
• Inspection of bees prior to shipping.
• Newer queens on bees from almonds
• Acceptable woodenware on bees from almonds, but negotiable as we do not need the hive boxes.
• Double deeps Only on bees from almonds
• Has locations in Southern US
• Access to queens, syrup & forklift

Please respond to: [email protected]
• Name, address, phone & email address
• Price for bees with the boxes or without
• Type of bees & queens

Thank you
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