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I am asking this question on behalf of a fellow beekeeper:

"I have a NUC (12 frames - 4 over 4 over 4). I want to transfer the NUCs to a regular hive body - a single 10 frame deep. (I can't control the mites in the NUC so I want to transfer to a single deep and treat for mites as I do with my other hives.) I tried this last year and the bees in the new box absconded. (I didn't move the new box miles away). My NUCs have always given me a problem because you have to balance giving them too much treatment and killing your queen or too little and not eliminating mites.

Any suggestions on how I can create a single deep with ten of my twelve frames without moving the new box 3 miles away from the NUC hives current location?"
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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