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I heard from a local (and successful) beekeeper that you can "trick" :eek: the queen by giving her bees different concentrations of sugar water, e.g:

If you want induce her to lay more eggs you should feed a 1:2 ratio (sugar : water) to simulate early season flow associated with brood rearing and wax production
Similarly you can feed a 1:1 to induce them to do some brood and build comb AND finally a 2:1 which could slow down brood and drastically increase stores.

Any truth to this or is it B.S. :s

The reason I ask is I just moved a 5 frame nuc to an 8 frame deep and want them to draw wax and 1:1 suitable for that? Our main flow is over and the bees are on clover now.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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