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Treatment Schedule

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I would appreciate if someone could provide a schedule and type pf product for treating mites starting in May through November. I do not use OAV due to personal health problems and can't take the risk even with proper protection. This year I will be receiving many NUCS in mid May and they sometimes have been treated and other time have not. My previous experience with these NUCS is that the original hives from which the NUCS were made up were treated, but the NUCS were not. I must add that Imagery concerned about any contamination of the honey from chemicals as I give and sell honey to many cancer survivors including myself and family.
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I would start as early as possible start with drone comb removal. And pull as soon as capped. Monthly do a alcohol wash. If it gets over 3% then do a MiteAway treatment. Witch you can use with honey supers on. I have heard of mix results With it so keep a eye on the mite count. Or do a Oxalic Acid drip
You could all is as a club member to stop by and do and do a vaper treatment.
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