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Treating a resource hive with Formic Pro

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Good morning,

I am adjusting my IPM for this year and I have two (2) overwintered resource hives to figure out how to treat. These are the popular Palmer 4/4 side by side nucs. So this is effectively four (4) hives I need to treat. Last year going into winter I treated my other six (6) colonies with OXA vaporizor and did an OXA dribble on the side by side nucs. This was because the vaporizer would not fit in the Palmer nucs.

I typically treat with formic pro in the spring just before and possibly with a slight overlap with the adding of honey supers. Has anyone ever treated these side by side nucs with formic? The instructions say not to treat a nuc but as a 4/4 there are 8 frames so its not technically a "nuc".

My intentions is to use these 4 nucs to support my nine (9) other production hives.

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I had this same exact question, thanks for posting. i am also hoping to use formic pro to treat my resource hive and i dont want to move it to a full size hive.

Curious about other suggestions for mite treatment for a resource hive. i have a OAV wand which i have not used yet (will check to see if it fits) and i used apivar last fall and had good results, but i want to mix up the various treatments. still open to suggestions on how formic pro could be tolerable in a resource hive, and curious if anyone with a resource hive has treated with formic pro. many thanks.
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