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We have a trap on a bee tree and I think we need some brood in the box. The trap is a good 20 minute drive away. Will the brood survive that trip? Any suggestions?

Thanks, Paul
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Yes the brood will survive the trip and you definately need it in the trap box. Be sure the frame of brood has eggs so they can make a queen out of one of them.
Yes just take a frame (bees and all) the bees will take care of the brood unless its realy cool. I did 4 boxes like that last year so I got 4 new queens and a bunch of bees. Have Fun :applause:
Glad to see this post. I had a similar question. I've been asked to do a trap out on an oak tree. It's about an hour from my house. Would I need to put the brood in there from day one? I'm worried not enough bees will be gathered yet to keep the brood warm and all. Or should I wait a couple of days until some bees are in there and go back with the frame of brood at that point?
Put the frame of brood and nurse bees in from day one. The nurse bees will cover the brood (keep them warm and fed). Just be sure there are some eggs in the comb, this is what they will make an emergency queen out of. The bees from the trap out will be foragers bringing in pollen and nector, since they can not return to their original hive they will start living in the trap out box. The foragers are in "forage mode" and all they want to do is bring in pollen and nector. Be sure to check on the trap out hive daily to be sure it is not completely full, it will surprise you at how fast it will fill up.

Just remember you need eggs!

Good luck and keep us posted!

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