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Trapout blues

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So I set up a trap box much like Cleo Hogan's. Threw in a coupla frames of brood & stores. There are lots of bees in it, but the brood has come and gone, and now it seems just to be an entrance for the tree. Lots of drones in it. Quite a few bees. But they have built nothing new, and the queen hasn't moved in to lay eggs.

What's next? Throw some bee quick down the tree and see what comes out?
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You might want to ask Cleo for a copy of his trapout guide.

A key part of a Hogan Trap would be using a (one way) cone so that bees that come out of the original hive can only go back as far as the trap box and not into the original hive.

You can find Cleo's email in this thread:
Got all of that. Was hoping to get the queen too, but haven't after a month.
be sure the bees have not found another way in & out. I started a trapout like this on 6/19. Put the tunnel on & thought I had sealed up all holes, but tonight I seen a lot of bees entering another hole. I plugged the hole with np1. On 6/21 I put the swarm harvester on with 4 deep frames of empty brood comb. On 6/22 put in a frame of brood, on 6/24 removed 5 frames covered with bees, the frame of brood was 5 or 6 bees deep & put in the funnel & added more empty comb. 6/26 there was only a few bees in trap. When I sealed the hole tonight, just before dark, the bees were only entering the hole, none coming out. I removed the funnel & put in another frame of brood. It is in between 2 brick walls with block between the brick. Cutout would be costly. I think if I can keep all holes sealed i'll be back on track. The mortor is real loose & falls out easy. I wish you luck.
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