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Trap out?

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Looking for different suggestions to get these Feral bees.

They are on a hillside in the woods, in a hollow Popular tree, thirty feet up. The tree is leaning 45 degrees over water.
This colony has been there for five years and is massive. I'd have to say about 4 to 5 deep bodies worth.

I'd like to get them all and do a cut-out, but don't know if we can do it because of the river.

Attack plans are welcome.

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Personally, I'm not risking my neck over water 30 ft in the air to get an established hive. I'll cheat and set up swarm traps all around it to get the genetics. If they're not causing trouble leave them be and wait for swarms. It's easier, safer, and you get the genetics. I'm lazy when I can find an easier way to do something.
That's a tough one. You may have to do as D Coates suggests and set up multiple swarm traps. If the tree was vertical, I'd suggest using a clibing tree stand. Since it's likely dead or dying, I wouldn't chance it.
Since you mentioned the tree was hollow, its not worth the climb its too risky! Any tree topper will tell you the samething, trees like that are dropped right at the stump! I would refer back to what D Coates had mentioned and set up swarm traps with alittle LGO inside as a lure!!..Good Luck!!
Not worth the risk. A couple of packages is much cheaper than a emergency bill or worse.

Not going to risk anything. Just looking for some ideas.
And a package is not even close to Feral colony genetics. I need the Feral stock. Don't need packages… I could sell 600 packages with my stock now.

Thank you for the post Kingfisher.
As Kenny once said, "Know when to hold em, know when to fold em." This is definitely a "fold." Plus, if it's that big, it's bound to swarm pretty regularly... can you say free bee supply?!?
Can you get one of those portable cherry pickers to the location? If so, can you tie off the leaning tree above the hive and then tie the other end to another tree using a middle tree as a focal point to allow the tree to hang after being cut?
thirty feet up. The tree is leaning 45 degrees over water
Levem bee :eek:
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