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Trap out question

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Into this operation for a full 3 weeks now. These little critters are something else!! This is in a wood frame garage and they have been there for well over 20 years. Put a screen funnel over the main hole, they moved to another entrance, put an escape on it, then to another, screened that one, now to another. The last two entrances are below and along side of a window and below the upper entrances. This garage is vinal sided, so I stapled screen to the window frame and duck taped to the siding, screen ends are about 18" beyond the entrances with the ends open. They are getting out and can't figure out the in, a good thing. Yesterday there were thousands on the outside trying to get in. The NUC I have up is active, I need to see if there is a queen yet. O yesterday they were not happy campers!

Question; would it help to speed things up if I vacuumed what I can, Transport about 6 miles and release at my home yard with 5 hives :scratch: Or, just a dumb idea:s Or, prep and put up a second NUC?
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As you know, you've got to get all but one of their exits closed. Until then, vacuuming them is busywork in my eyes. If you can't, at some point you may have to tell the customer there are too exits and a trap out can't be done.
As D Coates said, you MUST block ALL holes, otherwise you're just wasting your time. I use caulking. I'm working on one now that took several tubes. I installed the cone only when I was satisfied that ALL the holes were closed off - thanks Iddee! I assume you've got brood in the hive? If you want to finish the job, don't worry about the trap right now. Just go back and seal every single hole that you find, even the bitty ones that you think are harmless.

Here's some great advice:
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