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I got a swarm call today and unfortunately they had already entered the building. This entrance is like 20 feet up on the side of the house and the owner does not want any cutting done. I can't blame him. The height really complicates things as when I climbed his ladder to check it out and take a photo, it's hard for me to imagine myself doing all the trap out work just on a ladder at that height. So, I told him he'd need to rent scaffolding so we could leave the hive body up there for a few days so the bees can occupy it.

Anybody have experience doing a trap out like this at a tall height? If there is a secondary entrance, (which I think there is) can I smoke it or shoot Honey b gone in there to get them to come out?

Homeowner is asking if he were just to seal it up, how long could they survive in there? I told him they would likely find another entrance. Obviously the homeowner just wants to get rid of them. I tried the save the bees tactic and it had no affect ;)

This would be the plan to use as the guy did in this video.

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