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Trailer to move bees

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There have been lots of threads discussing trailers where hives will be permanently kept, but I'm in the market for a trailer for moving hives to and from locations and transporting supers. I finally secured an out yard and since I have a cap on my truck with built-in tool boxes, using the truck bed is out of the picture. I'd like to see what others are using. I would rather go smaller than larger. Storing the trailer when not in use is a concern. I thought an 6X10 would be plenty big. Flat bed with removable sides. Single axle? Perhaps something like this? Or are they too light duty?
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The trailer in the first picture would work best if your moving six to eight hives. The drop down gate will allow you to get a pneumatic tire dolly and just wheel them up onto the trailer. And you will be able to easily move it around by hand. The short side rails will allow you to strap the hives down securely. They will bounce around if you don’t.
I have a 5X8 trailer without the drop down gate, I installed a wench to haul them onto the trailer I can move six hives. I am planning on getting another trailer this summer. Even though the wench works good it’s a pain since I move the hives alone.
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